Millstead Primary School

Our founder Juliet first began supporting children to discover mindfulness with her other company: New Beginnings. See what Millstead Primary School thought of the impact made when Juliet came into their school.

"Millstead Primary School is for children aged 2-11 years with special educational needs; all pupils have severe learning difficulties. A high proportion of our pupil’s struggle with day to day life and are unsure of the appropriate and positive ways to manage their emotions. This often leads to challenging behaviour in school and at home. Our pupils are unable to recognise both their own and other people’s emotions and need support to begin to recognise positive and negative emotions.

The 12 week mindfulness program devised and delivered by New Beginnings was easy to incorporate within the curriculum. Each session was carefully thought out with engaging stories which Juliet differentiated to meet the learning needs of our pupils.

Each week the fun interactive sessions taught the pupils how to tune into one of their senses, promoting self-awareness. Using simple breathing exercises, each session followed a routine, starting with simple yoga poses and ending with meditation, encouraging pupils to listen to their environment, to taste the food that they eat and to think about how words and actions can hurt those around them.

Ten pupils initially accessed the course ranging in age from 6-11 years of age. Over the 12 weeks improvements could be seen with all pupils in their posture, flexibility and balance. Pupils’ listening skills and attention spans increased positively, impacting on social skills within the group. Teachers noted pupils who adopted the breathing techniques from mindfulness showed a reduction in time spent returning from a dysregulated state.

The impact of the New Beginnings course in our school has been enlightening.

Staff embraced the techniques, actively modelling and encouraging their use. Parents report that pupils have been able to transfer the techniques learnt across the school day into home life. Pupils enjoy sharing the techniques with family members and visitors to the school.

I would recommend New Beginnings Mindfulness course. Our pupils have been taught skills and techniques that will support them when they move up to secondary school and into adulthood.

If you would like more information on our school then please feel free to visit the website"

Michelle Beard (Head-Teacher @ Millstead Primary School)

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