The background of the Woowi bears

Updated: Jan 25

The product we are making is called Woowi.

It is named after the Woowi bears.

The Woowi bears journey started at a children’s party.

My youngest son had attended his friend’s six-year-old birthday party and there he won a sock puppet. My son and I went home and set about making the sock puppet/teddy. When the teddy was finished, we had obviously made some mistakes, he looked odd. My son, only a young boy, became upset. I tried to explain to him that perhaps he was meant to be like that, and that not everyone/every sock puppet/teddy was the same.

As I have always worked with vulnerable children, and have vast experiences of differences, I tried to educate my son on this area. We went and bought some material and made our own teddies. Only these teddies were different. One had one leg, one had one arm, another had one ear.

We called them the Woowis. Bears that were different to other bears, and that was ok. They were still bear’s that wanted to play, have fun, and enjoy life, regardless of their differences.

When I came up with the idea of merging mindfulness and technology, I knew who was best suited to help me.

The Woowis.

I wanted them to be the guides for the children, for them to come alive and support children to discover mindfulness.

Our Woowi bears have evolved since the teddies my son and I made. They are now fully fledged characters.

We have -


Nawny is the eldest of our Woowi Bears!

· He is brave, strong, and kind

· He can also be stubborn

· A bit overexcitable

· He loves to play games

· He loves to read

· He loves his food

· He does not like cruelty or unfairness

· And he doesn’t like it when his skin is dry

That’s our Nawny though, an all-round fun soul.


Pabs is the middle child of our Woowis.

· He is very determined, independent, and caring

· He can sometimes have doubts about himself

· He loves to organise things and sure loves it when a plan comes together!!

· The loves the outdoors, it brings the best out of him

· He loves to joke and laugh

· He loves a good sing-song

· But he does not like crowds

Pabs is excited for the future and is delighted to meet you all!


DJ is our youngest Woowi.

· He is a loving, content, and extremely entertaining young Woowi

· He brings laughs and smiles all round through his great personality

· He can also be rather sloppy

· He loves to spend time with animals

· He does not like bright lights or being alone

· The smell of cleaning products can make his body feel like he has nettles swimming around inside him

Plenty more to come from Dj.

These are our Woowi bears, they are pleased to meet you all!!

They intend to help children discover the amazing benefits of mindfulness.

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