Woowi newsletter - September 2021

Hello to all our Woowi supports,

Woowi is a start-up company developing mindfulness products to support children and adults to develop and maintain a positive mental wellbeing.

We are sending you this newsletter to let you know about the products we have that are available right now!!!

These products have been developed for you to begin your mindfulness journey, and to support you and the children you engage with.

Woowi has been founded by our mindfulness teacher Juliet Awang.

Juliet has been delivering mindfulness programmes in schools and community hubs to adults and children with her company New Beginnings, for the past six years. The years of experience gained by Juliet have shown the beneficial effects of mindfulness on children.

Here’s a quote from Michelle Beard, headteacher at Millstead Primary School in Liverpool on the impact gained from our programmes.

“Teachers noted pupils who adopted the breathing techniques from mindfulness showed a reduction in time spent returning from a dysregulated state. The impact of the course in our school has been enlightening. Staff embraced the techniques, actively modelling and encouraging their use. Parents report that pupils have been able to transfer the techniques learnt across the school day into home life.”

At Woowi we believe that mindfulness is crucial to the development of a positive mental wellbeing and the development of emotional resilience.

Our aim is to provide its benefits to you!

Learn more about what we do and have to offer here at Woowi - www.woowi.co.uk

We have two books available now that can support early intervention: ‘Wellness with Woowi’ (primary age children) and ‘Be It To Teach It’ (adults - educational professionals and parents).

Both books offer accessible and affordable support.

There is very little accessible services out there offering mindfulness programs for the parents and teaching staff. This service is accessible and is at an affordable rate to all.

Books with Woowi!!

Be It To Teach It is a resource handbook to support adults to discover mindfulness.

Available online or hard-copy.

The aim of this book is to teach the adult mindfulness and then to support the adult to teach the child/ren they engage with mindful techniques.

Online - via our website - £14.99!

Hard copy - available to order - £25.00!

Wellness with Woowi is a beautifully animated digital storybook for primary-aged children.

This storybook has been developed after the positive impact on all children after learning techniques from the stories read to them when they attended our programmes.

Enjoy a free trial on the 'Wellness with Woowi' shop page!

Available on our website for £4.99!

Thank you for your continued support!

Juliet Awang & the Woowi Team!!

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